Down the Rabbithole - Episode 10 - "The Real Gene Kim" on DevOps, KPIs & High Performance IT

In this podcast, the speaker talks about his current project(s) [The DevOps Cookbook, and When IT Fails: A Novel], and his book Visible Ops and how this can all be applied to security in today's tough business climate. Gene and the speaker discusses what in the DNA of well-performing (or "Agile") IT organizations, based on Gene's research and experience, enables them to not only perform better, but also serve the business faster. These high-performing organizations all have things in common, and one may be shocked to hear it's not heaps of money, or resources, or "Powerful" CISOs.

Provided by: Wh1t3 Rabbit Topic: Data Management Date Added: Feb 2012 Format: Podcast

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