Downlink MIMO HetNets: Modeling, Ordering Results and Performance Analysis

Provided by: University of Teramo
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
The authors develop a general downlink model for multi-antenna Heterogeneous cellular Networks (HetNets), where Base Stations (BSs) across tiers may differ in terms of transmit power, target Signal-to-Interference-Ratio (SIR), deployment density, number of transmit antennas and the type of multi-antenna transmission. In particular, they consider and compare Space Division Multiple Access (SDMA), Single User BeamForming (SUBF), and baseline single antenna transmission. For this general model, the main contributions are ordering results for both coverage probability and per user rate in closed-form for any BS distribution for the three considered techniques, using novel tools from stochastic orders, upper bounds on the coverage probability assuming a Poisson BS distribution, and a comparison of the Area Spectral Efficiency (ASE).

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