Driving Productivity Gains in your Business: IT Solutions for Midmarket Business

Midmarket firms are a primary force in local and national economies – but they are often constrained by
a lack of targeted strategic inputs, especially with respect to the business impact of IT investments. Large
enterprises are able to combine internal, cross-functional specialist teams with advice from management
consultants to develop strategy blueprints. Small businesses are typically reacting to immediate
requirements; strategy is not a primary consideration. Midmarket firms, though, have need of strategic
framework to prioritize and align investments (inside and outside of IT). They often rely on IT resellers and
consultants – smaller companies that are focused on addressing single ‘point’ requirements rather than
business-wide issues – for insight on specific technology solutions, but may struggle to obtain a more
holistic view of IT/business strategy drivers and opportunities.

The Proaction series is intended to address this gap. Using data collected from its extensive, global
research on midmarket firms and the deep experience of its principals and analysts, Techaisle has
developed reports focused on key IT/business issues: productivity, cost and profitability, innovation and
quality, and new customer acquisition. Each report follows a framework designed to address the needs of
midmarket organizations.

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