Driving the Mobile Enterprise transformation and Managing BYOD

Protecting corporate data and network resources while leveraging the benefits of mobility is a constant balancing act; one that requires IT to shift its focus from security lockdown to business enablement. While some companies (particularly in the tech sector) are “doing” BYOD well, most are still trying to devise a comprehensive, best-practice strategy for securing and enabling personal devices at work. Many organisations are simply figuring it out on the fly, leaving both IT and employees unclear about exact policies and expectations regarding personal device use and management.

For instance:

  • How much control should the company have over the employee’s device and content?
  • Who should pay for the device and monthly service?
  • What constitutes a reasonable end-user agreement?
  • Which devices should the company support?
  • What happens to company data on a personal devise when an employee leaves the company?

This eBook is designed to help your organisation anticipate, understand and manage these and other questions regarding BYOD in the enterprise. In this four-part guide, we’ll look at best practices for preparing, building, rolling out and sustaining a successful BYOD program over the long term.

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