Drug and alcohol abuse policy


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  • Published February 6, 2017
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This policy provides a working framework for establishing rules and procedures that prohibit drug and alcohol use on company premises or in company vehicles. All employees, contractors, and vendors are expected to follow these rules at all times.

From the policy:

This policy applies to all employees of the company, as well as all contractors and third-party vendors. Customers and visitors may have additional leeway with regard to this policy, but at no time will either be allowed to put other persons or property at risk or otherwise compromise the overall security of the work environment.

Legal compliance
The company will comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations and enforce this policy in accordance with them. Specifically, as a potential federal contractor, the company will comply with all the laws, regulations, and policies established by the 1988 Drug Free Workplace Act.

Employee assistance
The use of illegal drugs and the abuse of legal drugs and alcohol have many numerous harmful effects and consequences on health and productivity. Employees are encouraged to visit the HR department for literature and training materials explaining those harmful consequences.

The company will assist and support employees who voluntarily ask for help with an addiction or potential addiction to drugs or alcohol. Employees will be allowed to take any accrued paid time off to seek treatment and/or rehabilitation. In addition, the employee may take a leave of absence to finish a necessary program as prescribed by law or medical professionals.

Employees undergoing treatment in this regard may be required to supply proof of compliance with the treatment program and be subject to additional testing to prove they meet on-job safety requirements.

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