DTN-Meteo: Forecasting the Performance of DTN Protocols Under Heterogeneous Mobility

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Provided by: ETH Zurich
Topic: Mobility
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Opportunistic or Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs) may be used to enable communication in case of failure or lack of infrastructure (disaster, censorship, remote areas) and to complement existing wireless technologies (cellular, WiFi). Wireless peers communicate when in contact, forming an impromptu network, whose connectivity graph is highly dynamic and only partly connected. In this harsh environment, communication algorithms are mostly local search heuristics, choosing a solution among the locally available ones. Furthermore, they are routinely evaluated through simulations only, as they are hard to model analytically. Even when more insight is sought from models, these usually assume homogeneous node meeting rates, thereby ignoring the attested heterogeneity and non-trivial structure of human mobility.
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