Earthquake Awareness: Not Just a California Thing Anymore

Residents in Oregon and Washington would probably be surprised to know that more than 1,000 earthquakes per year are recorded in the two states by the seismology lab at the University of Washington. The biggest reason for that surprise would be that only one to two dozen of those quakes rattle the ground enough to be felt by residents. To the south, in the most famous earthquake state in the country, Californians hear about and feel many quakes each year as if it is no big deal. With all this rattling and rolling, one would think earthquake insurance would be a hot commodity in the three states. But agents selling quake policies up and down the West Coast still face a challenge. While scientists for decades have tried to predict earthquakes, there is no proven method that has been used successfully on a regular basis. The Pacific Northwest has only been looked at for a couple of decades, not long enough to form any set patterns.

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