EcMTCP: An Energy-Aware Congestion Control Algorithm for Multipath TCP

Provided by: Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
In this paper, the authors develop an energy-aware congestion control algorithm for multipath TCP, called ecMTCP. ecMTCP moves traffic from the most congested paths to the more lightly loaded paths, as well as from higher energy cost paths to the lower ones, thus achieving load-balancing and energy-savings. Their simulation results show that ecMTCP can achieve greater energy-savings compared to MPTCP, and preserve fairness to regular TCP. Recent portable devices such as smart phones and tablet PCs have multiple radio interfaces. If multipath transport protocols were used, the performance, mobility, and energy-savings of these devices would likely be improved. A multipath TCP connection can create multiple simultaneous sub-flows among the end hosts, where each sub-flow maintains the ability to send data packets over a path.

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