EDR – The Case For Automation And Simplification

Unless you’ve spent the last couple of years with your head stuck firmly in the sand (and we do appreciate the attractions of this posture) you’ll have been bombarded with scaremongering about the escalating volume and complexity of cyberthreats.

It’s all true. But it’s nothing new. Cybercriminals develop attack mechanisms, vendors develop counter-measures, cybercriminals develop ways or getting around these, we counter these with further technologies and so on.

So, is this a good time to invest in EDR if you haven’t already done so? The last few weeks and months, with so many organizations reliant on employees working beyond the IT perimeter, and the scope of gateway level protection, has dramatically brought home to us the importance of continuous, safe corporate information sharing and communications channels, and our reliance on effective endpoint security.

No two organizations are the same, so we urge you to read more and take a serious look at what EDR capabilities can help you secure your business.

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