Effect of Rushing Attack in MZRP and Multicast Communication in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Provided by: International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology (IJESRT)
Topic: Mobility
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Mobile Ad-hoc NETwork (MANET) is a self-organizing system of mobile nodes that exchange information through wireless network with no fixed infrastructure. Multicast is communication between a single sender and multiple receivers on a network. Otherwise it transmits a single message to a select group of recipients There are several attacks in MANET that alter the routing. Some examples are Rushing attack, flooding attack, wormhole attack etc. The rushing attack can affect the performance of MZRP (Multicast Zone Routing Protocol) routing protocol in wireless network and also see the impact of rushing attack at the different position of attacker i.e. near sender, near destination node and anywhere in the network.

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