Efficient E-MRZT Algorithm Based Tree Construction Technique for ZigBee Mobile Wireless Networks

Provided by: Interscience Open Access Journals
Topic: Mobility
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In Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs), the Zigbee protocol/IEEE 802.15.4 standard is a protocol specification for low range, less cost and low power systems. The Zigbee network is usually constructed using cluster trees for the purpose of performing data delivery among nodes and for power saving. Here the data delivery failures occur due to node mobility. In order to handle node movements so as to increase data delivery, the authors use mobility-robust tree construction technique with clustering mechanism. In this paper, they propose an E-MRZT (Extended MRZT) algorithm. They collect information about regularity of mobility patterns and by using this history, perform data delivery. They employ a clustering mechanism in their network to obtain a set of cluster trees; each with a specific mobility pattern.

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