Efficient Spread Spectrum Communication without Preshared Secrets

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Provided by: Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers
Topic: Security
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Spread Spectrum (SS) communication relies on the assumption that some secret is shared beforehand among communicating nodes to establish the spreading sequence for long-term wireless communication. Strasser et al. identified this as the Circular Dependency Problem (CDP). This problem is exacerbated in large networks, where nodes join and leave the network frequently, and pre-configuration of secrets through physical contact is infeasible. In this paper, the authors introduce an efficient and adversary-resilient secret sharing mechanism based on two novel paradigms (intractable forward decoding, efficient backward decoding) called Time Reversed Message Extraction and Key Scheduling (TREKS) that enables SS communication without pre-shared secrets. A TREK is four orders of magnitude faster than previous solutions to the CDP.
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