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  • Published March 14, 2021
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This Electronic communication policy from TechRepublic Premium provides guidelines for the appropriate use of electronic communications. It covers privacy, confidentiality, and security and is intended to ensure that electronic communications resources are used for appropriate purposes only.

From the policy:

The company provides access to and encourages the use of information technology resources in support of company business. These resources enable employees to access global information repositories and communicate with other users or businesses on a worldwide basis.

Methods of communication such as email, blog posts, and social media usage are far more prevalent than printed material or even phone calls in today’s 21st-century society and can provide many benefits to the business in reaching customers and facilitating operations. This brings many conveniences to employees but can also present opportunities for damage to the company if electronic communications are mismanaged or inappropriate content is released.

Electronic communications are herein defined as “Any writings, images, or multimedia that are created, displayed, transmitted, or stored on one or several electronic communications systems.”

For the purpose of this policy, an electronic file that has not been transmitted is not considered an electronic communication (a Word document saved on a network drive, for instance).

Electronic communications resources consist of “computer or telecommunications equipment, electronic video and audio equipment, transmission or network devices, and data storage systems.”

The company provides and maintains the following methods for generating and reading/displaying/playing electronic communication: messaging agents, internal and external electronic mail, telephone voice mail, smartphones, websites, blogs, and computer hardware and software related to this process.

As a condition of providing this technology, the company enforces certain restrictions on its workplace use. This policy will define those restrictions and the requirements involved.

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