Electronic data retention policy


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  • Published August 9, 2016
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This policy is designed to help you define requirements and implement practices for ensuring that electronic data is safeguarded in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

From the policy:

Backing up, retaining, and safeguarding electronic data—including email, financial records, medical information, and other electronic documents—are essential steps and often mandated practices for organizations. However, many organizations still need to implement an electronic data retention policy or refine an existing one. This Electronic Data Retention Policy is designed to help accomplish either task.

The organization’s legal counsel will regularly audit and review this formal policy to confirm that the appropriate electronic data is being properly safeguarded for legally mandated periods. Compliance with this policy is required to ensure that federal, state, local, and industry rules and regulations and all legislation requirements are satisfied.

The IT team is charged with seeing that the policy is implemented and that electronic information is properly backed up, archived, stored, and safeguarded.

To define requirements and implement practices for ensuring electronic data is properly safeguarded in compliance with federal, state, local, and industry laws, rules, and regulations.

All full-time employees, contract workers, consultants, part-time staff, and temporary workers.

This policy’s purpose is to help the company and its staff understand their obligations to retain electronic data. This policy applies to all employees who create electronic documents and all work-related information stored on desktop/laptop machines, servers, network storage systems, smartphones, tablet computers, portable hard drives, flash memory devices, cloud-based file storage services, and any other media that has policy-covered electronic data.

After a review of its electronic document management and retention practices, the company is instituting this policy for the following reasons:
  • To ensure compliance with electronic data retention rules and regulations
  • To preserve storage space on the organization’s servers, systems, desktop computers, laptops, and other devices
  • To encourage optimal system and network performance
  • To eliminate confusion over different document iterations
  • To ensure the authenticity of electronic documents on organization-owned equipment
  • To ensure that important documents are not made unusable by technological upgrades

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