Elevating Enterprise Security with Fidelis Cybersecurity: Endpoint Security Capabilities

Given the wealth of artifacts that can be collected from endpoints, they are excellent resources for providing a comprehensive view into the activities of users and active attackers – and they are a critical piece of gaining holistic visibility across the environment.

In this final part of a two-part review, SANS Analyst Matt Bromiley reviews a variety of features designed to enable holistic visibility and make analysts’ lives easier.

Download this paper now to learn how Fidelis Endpoint can be used to simplify security teams’ workloads, while improving their ability to detect and hunt for threats. Notable findings from the SANS product evaluation include how Fidelis Endpoint enables:

  • Behavioral monitoring: Captures endpoint activities from end to end, simplifying triage and investigation activity
  • Post-analysis analyst activities: Quick links to indicator tracking or enterprise scanning
  • Built-in threat hunting capabilities: Real-time and historical data searches and tasking
  • Threat intelligence and scanning: Capabilities to integrate third-party data into your organization
  • Inventory management: Complete inventory of software with automatic correlation and alerts based on known CVEs

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