Embracing an Increasingly Powerful HR Role

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Your role as an HR professional has never been more vital than it is today. The drive into the digital economy is happening at pace and this is creating the impetus and the appetite for business leaders to fundamentally rethink how their organisations are shaped to remain relevant and competitive. With this change comes vast opportunity for HR to partner more closely with the business. Stay ahead of the latest trends, news, tools and resources, and find the HR Insights you need to bring your strategies to life.

HR Insights can help you answer the questions that are shaping the future of the business including:
  • Is the “gig economy” a fad or is it here to stay?
  • Do you have the skills needed in your business to change to digital?
  • Does employee engagement translate to the bottom line?
  • Is diversity a ‘nice to have’ or does to improve competitiveness?
  • Are you a HR professional in business or a business professional in HR?
  • How can you use data, insights and metrics to drive strategy for the business?
  • How can technology bring your strategy to life?
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