Emerging Broadband Wireless Technologies : WIFI and WIMAX

Provided by: Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center
Topic: Mobility
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Now-a-days there is high demand for broadband mobile services. Traditional high-speed broadband solutions depend on wired technologies namely Digital Subscriber Line (DSL). Wifi and Wimax are useful in providing any type of connectivity such as the fixed or portable or nomadic connectivity without the requirement of LoS (Line of Sight) of the base station. Mobile Broadband Wireless Network (MBWN) is a flexible and economical solution for remote areas where wired technology and also terminal mobility cannot be provided. The IEEE Wi-Fi and Wi-Max/802.16 are the most promising technologies for broadband Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks (WMANs) and these are capable of providing high throughput even on long distances with varied QoS.

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