Emerging Technology Predictions 2021

A pattern that wasn’t interrupted by the pandemic, but instead shifted into overdrive is digital transformation. The Data Age — defined by greater interconnectedness through ubiquitous digital technologies — was already here. Now it’s really here.

“COVID-19 has been a catalyst, greatly accelerating digital transformation,” says Ammar Maraqa, Splunk’s senior vice president and chief strategy officer. “For business and IT leaders, the strategic long view has been dramatically compressed. Disruptions anticipated in five or 10 years have been compressed to a horizon of months or weeks.”

For a lot of organizations, high-speed transformation is going to look like a lot more cloud. Organizations that were already fairly mature in their cloud adoption are pushing into automation and machine learning. Orgs that can really push the envelope are planning for 5G, investigating augmented reality or blockchain, or deploying edge computing solutions.

Discover now these emerging technology predictions.

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