Employee Performance Review Policy


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  • Published November 24, 2020
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It is critical for organizations to recognize personnel accomplishments, provide proper job direction and ensure that employee priorities are aligned with those of their departments as well as the business itself. Performance reviews achieve this by measuring and identifying employee strengths and successes as well as areas which need improvement.

A good performance review emphasizes the positives and seeks to turn weak areas into measurable goals to strengthen employee abilities and adherence to job responsibilities. It also solicits input from employees to address any issues or concerns they may have with their role at the company. This two-way discourse develops a good rapport between workers and management. Employees who are given and can provide detailed and constructive feedback about their job performance are more engaged and motivated since they understand what is expected of them and how to thrive in their position. They can also learn how to address any shortcomings to help better meet expectations.

The largest stumbling block is often the mechanics of the performance review. How should organizations evaluate their staff? What type of criteria should they use? In which areas should performance be measured and graded? What is the best way to set goals and track employee progress on their goals? How can merit increases and bonuses be tied to performance reviews? TechRepublic Premium's Performance Review Policy and the accompanying review template can help you answer these questions and implement fair, effective and comprehensive reviews for your staff.

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