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Employee termination checklist


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  • Published May 14, 2017
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Separating employees from the business is never a pleasant process—nor is it always easy. Because many staff members have access to confidential data or company assets, it is critical to utilize a series of detailed and comprehensive steps to complete employee terminations and streamline the experience as much as possible.

This checklist will help you ensure that all essential measures are taken, from collecting keys and parking passes to addressing HR and payroll requirements to deactivating accounts and disabling access to company resources.

Here’s a sample from the IT security section:
  • Disabled local logon accounts
  • Disabled Active Directory account
  • Disabled email account
  • Disabled mainframe/server accounts
  • Disabled network device/hardware accounts
  • Disabled phone system/voicemail access
  • Disabled specific software access (accounting software, HR software, etc.)
  • Disabled remote access
  • Disabled mobile device access
  • Disabled external accounts (Salesforce, WebEx, etc.)
  • Received/secured desktop/laptop
  • Received/secured printer/scanner/copier (laser, inkjet, all-in-one)
  • Received mobile device
  • Received Mi-Fi/hotspot device

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