Empowering Caregivers

Hospitals are implementing information technology at an unprecedented rate: Through a combination of government incentives, payer and patient demands, and competitive concerns, EHR systems, image archiving systems, desktop virtualization, and advanced patient data security are becoming the norms at healthcare institutions.

While technology can be a powerful catalyst, it is merely a tool. And technology’s potential benefits will only be realized if it is used in support of the people and processes that deliver care, and the patients that receive it.

In this white paper, we will explore the importance of “Empowering Caregivers,” or the movement toward transforming the processes and culture of healthcare. This critical stage of information-driven healthcare is made possible by “Unlocking Information,” or the digitization of clinical and operational data once trapped by paper-based processes. And it lays the groundwork for “Unleashing Innovation,” which holds the potential to radically redefine the way healthcare is delivered for decades to come. Taken together, these steps can change the way hospitals are administered, improve access to healthcare services, and support doctors and nurses in making better decisions.


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