Energy and Spectral Efficiencies Trade-off with Filter Optimization in Multiple Access Interference-Aware Networks

Provided by: University of Santo Tomas
Topic: Networking
Format: PDF
In this paper, the authors analyze the optimized deployment of two resources scarcely available in mobile multiple access systems, i.e., spectrum and energy, as well as the impact of filter optimization in the system performance. Taking in perspective the two conflicting metrics, throughput maximization and power consumption minimization, the distributed Energy Efficiency (EE) cost function is formulated. Furthermore, the best Energy-Spectral Efficiencies (EE-SE) tradeoff is achieved when each node allocates exactly the power necessary to attain the best SINR response, which guarantees the maximal EE. To demonstrate the validity of their analysis, two low-complexity energy-spectral efficient algorithms, based on distributed instantaneous SINR level are developed, and the impact of single and multiuser detection filters on the EE-SE trade-off is analyzed.

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