Enforcing a Zero Trust Security Model in Today’s Hostile Environment

Companies of all types are pursuing digital transformation. The goal is to improve customer value, operate with greater efficiency and agility, and increase innovation. But as companies leverage new cloud and DevOps workflows to build their digital business, security has not kept pace.

As infrastructure becomes more permeable to enable new business models, cyber criminals are becoming more adroit, sophisticated and incentivised to find ways to circumvent security measures. Traditional perimeter security was never designed for today’s reality.

In the face of proliferating cyber attacks, and the associated breaches that follow, how can companies protect themselves? This white paper describes a security paradigm for today’s hostile environment: zero trust. Using this model, users and devices are never trusted, and the environment is assumed to be hostile. Zero trust highlights that there should be no trust distinction between internal and external networks. With this model, all access requests and devices are always verified with full logging and behavioural analytics.

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