Enhanced Lattice-Based Signatures on Reconfigurable Hardware

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Provided by: University of Calgary
Topic: Hardware
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The recent Bimodal LattIce Signature Scheme (BLISS) showed that lattice-based constructions have evolved to practical alternatives to RSA or ECC. Besides reasonably small signatures with 5600 bits for a 128-bit level of security, BLISS enables extremely fast signing and signature verification in software. However, due to the complex sampling of Gaussian noise with high precision, it is not clear whether this scheme can be mapped efficiently to embedded devices. Even though the authors of BLISS also proposed a new sampling algorithm using Bernoulli variables this approach is more complex than previous methods using large pre-computed tables. The clear disadvantage of using large tables for high performance is that they cannot be used on constrained computing environments, such as FPGAs, with limited memory.
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