Enhancing File Security by Rijndael Algorithm Using Combination of Other New Generation Security Algorithms

Provided by: IJCTT-International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology
Topic: Security
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The one of the famous algorithm is Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) that is used Rijndael algorithm. The cipher standard algorithms selected, by a Rijndael algorithm because of its high performance of security. In this paper used for file security three different kinds of algorithms i.e. Rijndael, Initialization Vector (IV), SHA512 hashing algorithm these three popular algorithms are used for file encryption and decryption approach. The first is the Rijndael algorithm used for file encryption/decryption it is using a key and Initialization Vector (IV), the second Initialization vector algorithm is for encrypting the first portion of data to be encrypted and the third one is SHA512 Hashing algorithm takes a string and transforms it into a fixed size the same or 512 bits of data string.

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