Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure on SPARC-An Oracle Optimized Solution

Provided by: Oracle
Topic: Virtualization
Format: PDF
The Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure on SPARC addresses one of the key challenges in deploying a virtualization infrastructure. IT organizations often spend multiple weeks to plan, architect, troubleshoot, and deploy a multivendor solution. Deployment teams must assemble and integrate a range of hardware and software components from different vendors (for example, servers, storage, network, virtualization software, and operating systems). The process is not only time-consuming, but also error-pone, making it hard to achieve a timely and profitable return on investment.

The Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure for SPARC offers the means to consolidate legacy SPARC systems and greatly simplify deployment and management of a virtualized infrastructure while also reducing risk. By following the guidelines outlined in this paper, IT organizations can take full advantage of the hardware and software components in this optimized solution, thereby realizing greater business benefits from their virtualized infrastructure.

Download this white paper to learn more about enterprise cloud infrastructure on SPARC-an Oracle Optimized Solution.

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