Enterprise IoT Research 2017: Benefits, Trends, and Security Concerns


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  • Published January 30, 2017
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A recent Tech Pro Research survey asked what IoT data companies are collecting, and how it’s being used. This report contains those findings.

38 percent of respondents to a Tech Pro Research survey conducted in December 2016 said their companies are currently using IoT devices. More companies will be joining this group in the next year, as 30 percent of respondents said their companies are in the planning or considering stages.

This research report takes a look at what IoT devices companies are currently using, what they’re doing with the data, and how they’re keeping it secure. Among companies who’ve already completed their IoT rollout, environmental sensors are, by far, the most popular devices. Regardless of what devices they’re using, companies are most commonly collecting data about businesses processes, HVAC, and their own employees. They’re then using the data collected to do things like analyze environmental conditions, improve their products, and monitor resource availability. When it comes to securing the data, the majority of businesses are encrypting stored data, though many businesses use multiple security methods.

The report also examines responses from companies where the IoT rollout is in the planning phase, and companies where a rollout is just being considered. It contains analysis of how these groups are different from the group already using IoT, and what this may mean for the future. Also included are responses from companies who have no plans to implement IoT.

For more data and analysis, download the full report: Enterprise IoT Research 2017: Benefits, Trends, and Security ConcernsAnd to learn more about how IoT is being used in the enterprise, check out this ZDNet/TechRepublic special feature.

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