Equinix: Quickly Transferring Large Data-sets For Adas (German)

The volume of data required for tests and validation of driver assistance systems and automated driving functions is growing continuously. According to exemplary projections, developers need to be ready for the market of an automated vehicle the data of more than 240 million Test kilometers covered on public roads.

To achieve these 240 million kilometers with classic test drives would be more take more than 25 years.

A period of time required for the collection of the Data for innovative driver assistance systems (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, ADAS) is unacceptable.

Even if this test data of the trips through a simulation in a cloud environment with 100 high-performance computers (high-performance Computers, HPCs) would have to be produced in five more years.

The same data volume can also be generated if 10,000 HPCs in one cloud-based infrastructure are used; in just two weeks.

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