ESG: The Impact of Accelerating Storage and Data Protection Environments

ESG recently surveyed 2,000 IT decision makers to understand whether, and to what degree, organizations’comprehensive technology transformations are deliveringcompetitive advantages.

ESG’s survey asked respondents to assess their storage and data protection capabilities in a few key areas, including the ability to collect, store, and protect data from all sources; and assess the capabilities of their management tools to proactively alert IT stakeholdersof issues.

Accelerators are putting cloud compatibility into action, and freeing up their teams from mundane management and break/fix issues, allowing them to spend their time on more value-add activities, like strategic planning, architecture, data integration, and collaborating with their line-of-business counterparts on initiatives to drive business value.

Dell Technologies and Intel are driving innovation and next-generation capabilities with the broadest portfolio of trusted client and enterprise solutions for cloud and data management, enabling organizations to move faster, innovate more, and operate efficiently.

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