Establishing trust in digital asset workflows in Media & Entertainment

As the media and entertainment (M&E) production and distribution industry rapidly evolve toward secure, cloud-based workflows, new solutions are required to protect the assets of content producers, rights holders, technology vendors, and distributors. The industry
needs a highly effective and efficient way to identify content owners, authenticate business partners, and track assets through supply chains.

To solve this challenge, a consortium of M&E and technology companies created the Digital Asset Trust Framework (DATF). The DATF is an open-source software (OSS) project that leverages distributed ledger technology (DLT) to provide M&E networks the tools required to secure, trace, and record immutable records of actions between parties. Robust access control and an enterprise oriented consensus mechanism give the performance, reliability, and privacy needed by real-world businesses. The DATF can be expeditiously integrated with existing products, tools, and workflows to record the people, systems, and tools that have touched the asset.

The resulting immutable, queryable Blockchain environment is a Digital Asset Trust Network (DATN), which contains applied security measures and records of transformations made to the asset throughout its lifecycle.

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