EverydayValues : The Harley-Davidson Code of Business Conduct

Provided by: Harley-Davidson
Topic: Software
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Everyday Values: The Harley-Davidson Code of Business Conduct was created for and applies to the Board of Directors and all employees of Harley-Davidson, It explains the policies for communications Technology. It?s a necessity in today?s fast-paced world. However, when it comes to work, technology systems are intended for Company business only. When you are using the Company?s communications systems, you are expected to conduct yourself in a manner that complies with all Company policies and procedures and is consistent with the Harley-DavidsonValues.Whether you are working from home,on Company property or offsite, the data and other information you generate, send, receive and store using Company systems (including voicemail) are considered Company property. This means that the Company has the right to review and access your communications if necessary. Mutually beneficial relationships. There are times when Harley-Davidson, like other businesses, may work with the government to obtain grants that help us grow or expand, which also benefits the communities in which we do business. The most common types of grants include training grants, spending grants, tax credits, tax exemptions or public works improvements. In return, Harley-Davidson may agree to certain conditions that benefit the community, such as agreeing to hire or train employees or invest at certain capital spending levels.

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