Everything as a Service: Why companies are making the switch to SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and more


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  • Published October 29, 2017
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Most organizations enter the market of on-demand IT services with Software as a Service. But in addition to SaaS, companies can now use platforms, infrastructure and more in the cloud, consuming services as needed. With the public cloud services market positioned to grow in the coming years, Tech Pro Research conducted a survey to find out what services companies are offloading from in-house IT, why they made the decision, and what outcomes have occurred.

The survey, which was conducted in September 2017, asked the following questions:

  • What IT functions is your company using as a service?
  • What business functions is your company using as a service?
  • Why did you decide to use outside service providers instead of in-house IT?
  • What IT functions are you considering shifting to a provider?
  • What business functions are you considering shifting to a provider?
  • Which providers are you using for your business and IT functions?
  • What problems has your company had with service providers?
  • What positive experiences has your company had with service providers?

When asked why their company chose to go the as-a-service route instead of using systems created in-house, half of respondents cited automatic maintenance offered by vendors as a reason. Slightly less than half said that lower cost in terms of deployment and maintenance, and faster time to deployment, were advantages of the as-a-service model. Many respondents also said their company worked with vendors because they didn’t have the in-house expertise to deploy services they use, or that the company needed to free up the IT department for other tasks.

On average, respondents said their companies use two to three business functions and two to three IT functions as a service. The most popular IT functions were data center/computing services and backup/disaster recovery services. The most popular business functions were email services and productivity apps like word processing and spreadsheets.

To find out more IT and business functions companies are using as a service, download the full report.

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