EXPERIENCE 2030: The Future of Customer Experience is Now

Over the past decade technology, from computers to wearables to sensors and the cloud, has
become one of the great game-changers of all time. This digital era that we live in is defined by
the rapid evolution and injection of new and innovative ideas and technologies that shape us
all. This has reframed the competitive landscape and the way brands and consumers engage on
all levels.

Understanding how people are adopting and using technology is key to understanding the
magnitude of change that is upon us today, allowing us to begin to map out how consumers will
engage with brands, organizations, and governments in the future.

FUTURUM PERSPECTIVE Immersive technologies hold tremendous promise, particularly
augmented reality. Originally a consumer product in the gaming market, augmented reality is
making its way into most households through applications on consumers’ mobile devices, which is
where the value is considerable.

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