Explicit MBR All-Symbol Locality Codes

Provided by: University of Teramo
Topic: Networking
Format: PDF
Node failures are inevitable in Distributed Storage Systems (DSS). To enable efficient repair when faced with such failures, two main techniques are known: regenerating codes, i.e., codes that minimize the total repair bandwidth; and local codes, which minimize the number of nodes participating in the repair process. This paper focuses on regenerating codes with locality, using pre-coding based on Gabidulin codes, and presents constructions that utilize Minimum Bandwidth Regenerating (MBR) local codes. The constructions achieve maximum resilience (i.e., optimal minimum distance) and have maximum capacity (i.e., maximum rate). Finally, the same pre-coding mechanism can be combined with a subclass of fractional-repetition codes to enable maximum resilience and repair-by-transfer simultaneously.

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