Expressivity of Time-Varying Graphs and the Power of Waiting in Dynamic Networks

Provided by: University of Ottawa Topic: Mobility Date Added: May 2012 Format: PDF
In infrastructure-less highly dynamic networks, computing and performing even basic tasks (such as routing and broadcasting) is a very challenging activity due to the fact that connectivity does not necessarily hold, and the network may actually be disconnected at every time instant. Clearly the task of designing protocols for these networks is less difficult if the environment allows waiting (i.e., it provides the nodes with store-carry-forward-like mechanisms such as local buffering) than if waiting is not feasible. No quantitative corroborations of this fact exist (e.g., no answer to the question: how much easier?). In this paper, the authors consider these qualitative questions about dynamic networks, modeled as time-varying (or evolving) graphs, where edges exist only at some times.

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