Extend Performance for Enterprise Database Workloads with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Today’s economic challenges, along with rising operational and capital cost pressures, are forcing IT teams to examine new options. The pressure to reduce costs and improve scalability means staff must evaluate expensive proprietary or legacy operating system or database environments when replacing old hardware. In addition, many data services (e.g., datamarts and analytic applications) depend on newer technologies, such as solid-state drives (SSDs), scale-up servers, and virtualization. Combined, these factors can put a tremendous strain on IT budgets and resources.

This performance brief highlights Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® as:

  • A solid foundation for deploying leading databases such as Postgres, Oracle, DB2, Vectorwise, Sybase, and others.
  • A platform whose performance is validated by industry-standard benchmarks, such as the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) and decision support system (DSS).

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