Extremely Low Power FIR Filter for a Smart Dust Sensor Module

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Topic: Hardware
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Digital filters are common components in many applications today, also in for sensor systems, such as large-scale distributed smart dust sensors. For these applications the power consumption is very critical, it has to be extremely low. With the transistor technology scaling becoming more and more sensitive to e.g. gate leakage, it has become a necessity to find ways to minimize the flow of leakage in current CMOS logic. This paper studies Sub-Threshold Source Coupled Logic (STSCL) in a 45-nm process. The STSCL can be used instead of traditional CMOS to meet the low power and energy consumption requirements. The STSCL style is in this paper used to design a digital filter, applicable for the audio interface of a smart dust sensor where the sample frequency will be 44.1kHz.

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