Fast Parallel Sorting Algorithms on GPUs

This paper presents a comparative analysis of the three widely used parallel sorting algorithms: Odd-even sort, Rank sort and Bitonic sort in terms of sorting rate, sorting time and speed-up on CPU and different GPU architectures. A long side the authors have implemented novel parallel algorithm: min-max butterfly network, for finding minimum and maximum in large data sets. All algorithms have been implemented exploiting data parallelism model, for achieving high performance, as available on multi-core GPUs using the OpenCL specification. Their results depicts minimum speed-up19x of bitonic sort against odd even sorting technique for small queue sizes on CPU and maximum of 2300x speed-up for very large queue sizes on Nvidia Quadro 6000 GPU architecture.

Provided by: Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center Topic: Data Centers Date Added: Nov 2012 Format: PDF

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