Feature comparison: CRM software and services


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  • Published January 22, 2019
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Choosing a CRM solution requires strategy, thoughtful consideration, and more than a little research. These guidelines and comparison tool provide a customizable framework your business can use to find the best CRM solution for your needs.

From the guidelines:

One of the principal drivers of any growing business is its relationship with past, current, and future customers. Knowing what products and services customers purchased, are purchasing, and will purchase can drive growth and offer clarity for enterprise strategies and planning. However, such a sophisticated and interactive customer relationship requires much more than the mere maintenance of customer contact information.

A successful, growing, and thriving business enterprise operating in today’s always-connected world must gather and manage information on a grand scale to be effective. Customer relationship management (CRM) software and services offer the best solution for businesses looking to establish a personal, dynamic, and interactive relationship with their customers.

Whether your enterprise uses an on-premises software solution or opts to contract services from a cloud-based provider, CRM provides the tools you need to generate sales leads, market your products and services to prospective customers, and personalize your customer interactions. Modern CRM systems offer dozens of features that can jumpstart growth for just about any business in any industry.

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