Feature comparison: Home office network routers


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  • Published December 2, 2018
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A successful home office network requires a reliable, fast, and secure connection to the wider internet. This connection is provided by a network router. However, choosing an effective and feature-rich network router requires a systematic approach. These guidelines and comparison tool will help you find the right piece of networking hardware for your needs.

From the guidelines:

Whether you work from home occasionally for your standard full-time salaried job or work from home exclusively as a member of the growing gig economy, establishing a reliable, fast, and secure connection to the wider universe of interconnected networks is vital to your success. For home offices, the basic network router is the primary hardware component providing this gateway to the internet and all that lies beyond it.

But modern network communication protocols may require a network router that also provides wireless Wi-Fi capabilities, cable or DSL modem connections, multiple-band channels, and specific security features, just to name a few. Choosing an effective, secure, and feature-rich network router in this competitive environment requires a systematic approach that measures and accounts for dozens of potential features and configurations.

The process of choosing a home office network router starts with determining exactly what networking capacity will satisfy your business needs. Only then can you begin to make decisions about which configurations you should have and what feature sets you should seek. These guidelines and the accompanying comparison tool will help you through the process so you can find an effective piece of networking hardware.

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