Five Imperatives for a big data platform

Organizations of all sizes face a common set of challenges brought by an onslaught of big data. Architectures are outdated, the flood of data is increasingly diverse, and technology choices have proliferated, resulting in a growing gap between human information and technology. What’s needed is a new approach to the big data challenge. That’s the point of this white paper. It outlines the essential requirements for a platform that allows you to harness the power of 100 percent of your data. This document contains a manifesto of sorts—a summation of the HP big data platform philosophy that guides our product direction.

There are five fundamental requirements for a big data platform built for the realities of today and beyond. Specifically, a big data platform should enable your organization to:

1. Fully harness 100 percent of your data

2. Seamlessly develop, deploy, and consume data anywhere

3. Achieve scale and speed without compromise

4. Leverage open, extensible, developer-oriented technology

5. Realize economics that work

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