Flash Correct-and-Refresh: Retention-Aware Error Management for Increased Flash Memory Lifetime

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Provided by: Carnegie Mellon University
Topic: Storage
Format: PDF
With the continued scaling of NAND flash and multi-level cell technology, flash-based storage has gained widespread use in systems ranging from mobile platforms to enterprise servers. However, the robustness of NAND flash cells is an increasing concern, especially at nanometer-regime process geometries. NAND flash memory bit error rate increases exponentially with the number of program/erase cycles. Stronger Error Correcting Codes (ECC) can be used to tolerate higher error rates, but these have diminishing returns with increasing P/E cycles and can have prohibitively high power, area, and latency overheads. The goal of this paper is to develop new techniques that can tolerate high bit error rates without requiring prohibitively strong ECC.
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