Flash Storage Fuels IT Transformation

Flash Storage Is a Pillar of IT Transformation: Deciding to modernize a storage environment by incorporating All-Flash arrays is one of the most high-impact actions a company can take to boost its IT maturity.

All-Flash storage offers lower latency and greater IOPS per drive compared with legacy spinning disk. It dramatically accelerates the speed and efficiency of the applications it supports, bringing advantages to the whole business. But there’s more: All-Flash enables workload consolidation, shrinks hardware footprints, reduces power consumption, and lowers management costs. Flash storage also works well with modern, feature-rich architectures and software solutions an ability that helps companies better address their workload-specific needs in dynamically changing IT environments.

A major reason flash hasn’t entirely eclipsed legacy HDDs already is that, rightly or wrongly, it has been typically thought to be expensive.

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