Flexible IT: Opportunity for Midsize Companies to Coordinate On-Premise and Cloud-Based Resources in an Effective Hybrid IT Environment

If you’re like many midsized businesses, you understand that technology is vital to your company’s continued success.
You may be undergoing “digital transformation”—developing new products, operations and processes that are agile,
intelligent, services based, and data driven. To support the escalating demands for compute and storage, you may be
among the 57% of midsized businesses that are considering or implementing a hybrid IT strategy.

But having a vision is easier than getting there. Businesses of all sizes and industries have struggled to implement
a hybrid environment that can meet their most critical needs, without disrupting business or overtaxing strained
budgets and resources. The challenge is especially acute for midsized firms whose limited IT resources are facing
pressure to adopt a never-ending torrent of technology innovations, including Internet of Things; artificial intelligence
and analytics; mobile apps; and cloud.

In their effort to create a hybrid IT environment, many businesses end up instead with a heterogeneous environment:
that is, multiple siloed infrastructure deployment options that consume increasing amounts of management time,
effort and budget, while never quite meeting business needs.

In this guide, we present practical tips to help midsized businesses implement a hybrid environment that can help
their business succeed.

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