Focus on Applications, not on Operations - Why You Should Adopt Platform as a Service

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Topic: Cloud
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The story of the technology industry is a brief but incredible history of disruptive innovation and transformative economics. Yet business leaders often neglect a key lesson: the value and economic advantages of any given advancement are magnified as the technology matures.

The PC by itself was just a personal productivity tool; the network made it a true breakthrough. The Internet started out as a simple communication system; email was the killer app that made it relevant to the masses. The Web was only an interface to the Internet; ecommerce and real-time streaming made it central to the way we work, play, and live.

So as you assess the value of the cloud and cloud services to your business strategy, consider this: The most obvious benefits, such as efficiency, agility, and cost savings, are just the most immediate advantages. A closer look reveals that the cloud also empowers accelerated innovation, a better customer experience, superior customer engagement, and mor--capabilities that will amplify the value of the cloud even further.

This paper examines the opportunities and business value of a key on-ramp to the cloud: Platform as a Service (PaaS). It describes how PaaS can transform business strategies today, and how the evolution of PaaS will open new doors for forward-looking businesses tomorrow.

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