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Computing choices abound for design engineering teams, leaving many wondering about their workflow.

Design and engineering workflows have evolved to meet the demands of larger and more complex models that integrate mechanics, electronics and software. Data size and complexity have increased exponentially as the design process increasingly incorporates simulation, photorealistic rendering, virtual reality and artificial intelligence technologies.

If an engineer has an updated, professional workstation, his/her design productivity is estimated to increase by 36%, Your company would gain the equivalent of almost 30 more days of design productivity, which equates to more than $12,600 a year.

A 36% design productivity boost is a conservative estimate. In previous benchmark studies conducted by Dell and simulation software vendors—including Altair, ANSYS, Autodesk, COMSOL and Siemens PLM Software—various simulations were conducted 500% to 1700% faster using current workstations and software compared to three-year-old workstations and software.

The real benefit of putting a powerful workstation in the hands of a design engineer is in the labor and time savings. Labor is a much bigger expense than the per-hour cost of the workstation, cluster or cloud.

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