Forrester’s Top 10 Customer Service Trends for 2016: The Future of Customer Service

This report summarizes the top trends in customer service that affect companies’ ability to deliver effective customer service, deliver real value through service, and forge an emotional bond with customers.

Access your complimentary copy to read Forrester’s analysis and recommendations on the following 10 trends:

  • Trend 1: Companies Will Make Self-Service Easier
  • Trend 2: Field Service Will Empower Customers To Control Their Time
  • Trend 3: Companies Will Explore Emerging Channels To Reduce Friction
  • Trend 4: The Customer Service Technology Ecosystem Will Consolidate
  • Trend 5: Process Guidance Will Effectively Standardize Service Delivery
  • Trend 6: Prescriptive Advice Will Power Offers, Decisions, And Connections
  • Trend 7: Insights From Connected Devices Will Trigger Preemptive Service
  • Trend 8: Companies Will Explore Proactive Engagement
  • Trend 9: Organizations Will Strengthen The Customer Bond With Feedback
  • Trend 10: Empowered Agents Will Improve The Human-To-Human Experience

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