Four Key Factors for a Successful Migration

One of the biggest challenges of successful migrations is simply the personnel logistics. Cybersecurity job postings are growing at 2x the rate of all other IT professionals with only 24% of enterprises reporting they have enough staff to meet their security needs.

This comes into play with migrations because infrastructure (the plumbing of your network) is often ignored until the moment there’s a problem. If that necessitates a migration, usually said migration fails in one of three major ways:

  1. Cost overrun
  2. Delays (this ties to the staffing issue)
  3. Disruption of network service

But migrations are also crucial.

And there are four major concepts to understand in order to get them right:

  1. How to identify and remove technical mistakes
  2. Removing unused access
  3. Refining and organizing what remains
  4. Continuous, real-time monitoring

We go into detail, 4282 words of detail, on each in a new eBook on successful migrations.

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