FPGA Based Area and Throughput Implementation of JH and BLAKE Hash Function

Implementation of area and throughput of the main building block (compression function) for two SHA-3 candidates BLAKE and JH hash function. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has started a competition for a new secure hash standard. A significant comparison between the submitted candidates is only possible, if third party implementations of all proposed hash functions are provided. The BLAKE family contains the four hash function BLAKE-28, BLAKE-32, BLAKE-48, BLAKE-64 with the bit length of their digests being 224,256,384 and 512, respectively and JH contains JH-224, JH-256, JH-384, JH-512.

Provided by: IJCTT-International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology Topic: Hardware Date Added: Apr 2012 Format: PDF

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