FPGA Implementations of Advanced Encryption Standard: A Survey

Provided by: International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Technology (IJAET)
Topic: Security
Format: PDF
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is the most secure symmetric encryption technique that has gained worldwide acceptance. The AES based on the Rijndael Algorithm is an efficient cryptographic technique that includes generation of ciphers for encryption and inverse ciphers for decryption. Higher security and speed of encryption/decryption is ensured by operations like SubBytes (S-box)/Inv. SubBytes (Inv.S-box), MixColumns/Inv. Mix Columns and Key Scheduling. Extensive research has been conducted into development of S-box /Inv. S-Box and MixColumns/Inv. MixColumns on dedicated ASIC and FPGA to speed up the AES algorithm and to reduce circuit area. This is an attempt, to survey in detail, the work conducted in the aforesaid fields.

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